And so the Wheel turns and brings us to Exploration. Also called Candlemas and Imbolc, in my calendar this is the time of year when expansion in the mental and spiritual realms is paramount.

I haven’t been posting much anywhere on the interwebs since Origination (12/12). My focus abruptly shifted at Origination, and the directions I received at Solstice have been… different enough to require all my attention.

In addition to all of this I am now sharing living space with another person and all of their spiritual relationships and spiritual activities, which has required some flexibility on everyone’s part.

It’s not over, either, since I’m currently adding several more deities to the mix.

My directions from my Lady at Solstice were simple: “Develop a new devotional practice to deities I have carefully chosen for you. And don’t screw it up.”

Um… ok?

You have to understand that my Lady is both fiercely protective and possessive. She has seen some of the interactions between deities and Their people and wants none of that for me. She has been incredibly careful of who She’ll let me work with (both in general and specific), has taught me incredibly intricate shielding and powers much of it Herself, and in general has been a mama bear with a fuzzy baby cub.

I’m the fuzzy baby cub in the above metaphor, by the way.

So this direction has left me a bit confused. My instinctive reaction was “please no – I serve YOU and don’t want anyone else!”. She rather enjoyed that, truth be told, as it confirmed things for Her. However, I have been reassured that these new deities will in no way detract from my service to Her – that, in fact, these new relationships ARE a service to Her. That made everything A-OK for me.

That brings us back to Exploration. This is the time of year for establishing new deity relationships. I’m in the process of completely revamping my altar space to accommodate new presences, and am making substantial changes to my daily practices to honor everyone. MUCH more change than I’m comfortable with, but I trust my Lady implicitly. She wouldn’t overburden me, so I know I have the time and energy to do this right. And by asking me to take this on She’s trusting me as well. Also, from another perspective, the fact that They are willing to work with me on any level is immensely flattering – They are all amazing, even the ones I’m only now getting to know.

The formal welcoming ceremony for Them is tomorrow, after I have everything ready to receive Them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even post a picture of the new altar space!


2 thoughts on “Exploration

  1. lisaspiral says:

    I love that you are hesitant to work with other Deities besides your Lady. I see so many Pagans working with “Deity of the Day” and never bothering to develop a real relationship with any of them. Working as you do with the Divine as a distinct entity allows for a deep personal connection that is not available with a generic Goddess. I also like the way you acknowledge that you trust in your patroness to guide you in your spiritual work. I’ll look forward to hearing more. Happy Imbolc.

  2. Lady Caer says:

    Happy Imbolc to you as well!

    And you’re right – my approach is different. Of course, I’ve been working with my Lady – and the VERY FEW She’s chosen for me over the years – exclusively for 20 years come July. *laugh* I hadn’t realized it had been that long until your comment, so thanks for the prompt! Changing ANY kind of relationship after that much time is difficult. Looks like it will be incredibly rewarding, however!

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