This is a different perspective on some of the devotional stuff I’ve been blogging lately, so I thought I’d share!

Spiral Visions

100_4239I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of devotion.  My blogging buddy Caer over at Not All Who Wander Are Lost has just finished a little series on developing a devotional practice.  The work she’s done is deep and useful, but my own explorations of this concept take me in a very different direction.

Caer acknowledges that devotion and worship are closely related words.  I’d add to that list: discipline, commitment, dedication, daily practice, reverence, piety, allegiance and loyalty.  All of these words have clear definitions and what I think of as fuzzy meanings.  They all come charged with our personal relationship with them in our daily lives, in our culture, and in our Spiritual practices.

I read a while back someone speaking about daily practice.  She said that the reason we give for not being successful is that we don’t have discipline.  She didn’t like that because…

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