Concepts of Modern Polytheism

Earlier this week a conversation exploded on my Facebook around a couple of recently-published blogposts, one from Gangleri’s Grove and the other from Rock of Eye.

The conversation was rapid-fire and stimulating, inspiring tons of thinky-thoughts. As I read I found several points I wanted to blog about myself.

However, I got a private message during the whole thing from someone who was completely lost. They were fascinated by the debate, but they needed some clarification to follow it. They didn’t have the background the speakers had and couldn’t keep up.



That made me rethink how I wanted to approach my responses. My goal with this blog is to help make polytheism more accessible, and jumping right into the fray without breaking it down a bit isn’t going to help anyone.

And so this series was born. It’ll be ongoing and somewhat sporadic, and that’s part of the plan. Hopefully I’ll be able to address some of the ideas popping up in the polytheism blogosphere in a way that doesn’t intimidate or overwhelm people new to them.

Keep watch on this blog – the first piece will be out in a day or three!

Have a topic you want me to tackle? Feel free to comment here or email me at mystiknomad AT gmail DOT com and I’ll see what I can do!

6 thoughts on “Concepts of Modern Polytheism

  1. Sarenth says:

    I’m happy you are taking time out to give background info on this stuff. When we get into in-depth conversations, unless we take some time really explaining ourselves, we can leave folks who don’t have the lingo, background, etc. scratching their head wondering why we’re getting worked up about something. I hope that Galina’s latest post, Secular Polytheism? – Gods, I hope not!, helps with that.

  2. ganglerisgrove says:

    I think it’s good that this is inspiring discussion and debate. we need to be talking about these things. Glad to see you’re posting background and such for folks. It can be a lot to jump into!

    • Caer Jones says:

      It can definitely be a bit overwhelming! I’ve made a point of breaking several of these more complicated concepts down on this blog – and I should probably round them up and repost the links, considering – so I hope this series helps.

  3. Jolene Poseidonae says:

    Very much looking forward to this!

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