2017 Tarot Forecasts!

Hello, all!

Want to know what 2017 will look like for you? Hoping it’ll be an improvement over 2016? Sounds like a great reason to get a 2017 Tarot Forecast! These readings usually take over an hour, and I’ll be doing them at the sale rate of $50 each. Makes a fun and unusual Yule/Christmas gift too!

Neat! How do they work?

First, PM me here to schedule a date and time.

Then, hit PayPal for the money part. My email address is mystiknomad AT gmail DOT com.

Finally, show up for your reading! I usually do them via Skype or phone from my ritual room, since I do some ritual prep before the reading begins, but if you would prefer another method let me know and we’ll talk about it. Make sure you’ve got a notebook and pen ready to take notes, because once the reading’s over it’s over and I won’t remember what we talked about.

May you have a wonderful holiday season and a smooth transition into 2017!

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