Uh Oh

Hello, all! Well, I have some news. I seem to have slightly pissed off the AFA. Darn! *snaps fingers*

I honestly didn’t do a whole lot, and I don’t expect it to amount to much at all. But I would be remiss if I didn’t do what I can to protect myself and my people from possible fallout, especially considering what’s been going on lately.

My personal Facebook page will be locked to Friend’s Only and my business page will be unpublished until such time as this whole thing dies down. I have no desire to be flooded with Nazi memes or doxxed.

This blog will continue as usual, however, as will my Instagram. Twitter I’m not yet sure about, so we’ll see on that one.

I can always be reached by email, too, of course.

Hopefully I’m way overpreparing and this will all be of minimal concern. I’ll keep y’all posted – and I’m working on my next blog post now.

Stay tuned, and blessings to you all!