The Elephant in the Room: Racism in Tarot Communities

This post from Tarotprose came across my feed recently and I immediately felt the need to share it. Written by a queer person of color in the Tarot community, it mirrors similar experiences I’ve heard from POC in the general Pagan/polytheist community too.

“I believe we should all feel safe and welcome [in the Tarot community] and to be completely honest, I haven’t always felt that way… I do not think anyone should feel threatened by the shared space they are part of. I do not think anyone should feel uncomfortable. I do not think racist acts should be ignored, silenced or tolerated. Tarot readers of color should not be forced to choose between silence and safety.”

This post outlines specific instances of racism this reader has experienced in what should have been a safe space. Do they ring any bells for you? For your community? For any POC you may know? We have to do better, folks. This is unacceptable.

AA Tarot

Three Major Arcana cards from the African American Tarot – the “black deck” mentioned in the original post, which was referred to as being inferior to a “normal” deck at a public event and then used to humiliate the reader. Which is a pity – that Empress is particularly gorgeous.

Sharing and brainstorming for solutions are welcome in the comments!

The original post can be read at Tarotprose.

2 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room: Racism in Tarot Communities

  1. tarotprose says:

    Thank you so much fo sharing my post and for shedding light on this subject with your following. It means so much to me. I hope that we can all open this discussion within the Tarot communities of social media and realize that people of color deserve to be part of the conversation but also have a safe space to share their experiences as well without them being trivialized or mocked.

    – Ivan

    • Caer Jones says:

      Thank you for allowing me to share it! This is an important conversation for us to have, and it’s really brave of you to step up and speak out. We can’t fix it if we don’t notice it or are allowed to dismiss it out of hand, and these kinds of posts remind us to check ourselves. Your voice is important!

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