Available Services

I have done Work for others for over two decades, entirely through word of mouth. At the insistence of, well, E/everyone, I’ve decided to open my availability up a bit. The following services are now available here (email me at mystiknomad @ gmail DOT com) or PM me at Mystik Nomad’s Facebook Page!

tarot-croppedTarot Reading: A reading can check in on a specific situation, answer a specific question, or provide a general check-in on your life. Because readings can be so varied, instead of charging by topic I charge by the time a reading takes to do. $40 per half-hour block. Any reading that takes 30 minutes or less will run $40, because that’s one block. A reading taking between 31 minutes and 60 minutes will run $80, because it spans two blocks. First block due when the appointment is set, and any other blocks will be due immediately after the reading.

wheel-year-croppedTarot Forecast: These readings forecast the coming year. We check in on various situations, on each month, etc. Since they’re so comprehensive they take more time, and since they’re so far out they also require more preparation. They make excellent birthday, Samhain, or Yule presents! Catch me in October, December, or even early January and I may run a New Year’s Special. $75.


Spelled Candles: These candles are custom carved, anointed, blessed, and charged for your magickal need or working. The candle is prepared over several days, under the best astrological conditions possible, and is then tended in my own ritual room. I check on the working’s status as the candle burns. If additional divination is suggested by the burn I will do that too. Popular requests include Protection, Love, Money, Peace, and Luck. $35, additional divination included.

old-book-of-shadows-croppedRitual Consultation: Have a spell or ritual you would like to perform for yourself, but don’t know where to start? On your own for a sabbat ritual or other observance and don’t know how to scale up for larger numbers of attendees? Don’t feel lost – ritual conception and writing can be incredibly challenging! Let me help. I use my 20 years of experience to provide guidance, insight, suggestions, possible approaches, etc. $30 per half-hour block. First block due when the appointment is set, and any other blocks will be due immediately after the consultation.  

altar-croppedRitual Facilitation: This is a service offered for those who desire a working to be done on their behalf. I take care of everything, in person (travel expenses and site are the responsibility of the client) or remotely from my own ritual space, so you can rest easy. I keep you posted throughout the entire process too. The cost on this varies depending on need, time frame, etc, so if interested in this service please email me and we’ll talk about it.

Have another need not listed here that you’d like to talk to me about? Feel free to email me or message me through Facebook to discuss it.